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Here's How Fashion Wardrobe Visual Team Works!


We help you create a dynamic store environment that attracts customers. Developing an enjoyable shopping experience that customers love is about more than just attractive displays. We help you focus your identity and merchandising to create an atmosphere that appeals to your target customer. We do this in the following ways:


Retail Education

Our mission is to teach smaller retailers the skills they need to be competitive and create a professional, polished identity for their stores. To this end we have Free Services and Information to help you with your merchandising.


Retail Services & Consulting

Whether you are opening a new store, or improving your existing store, you'll discover how to create a store image that is consistent with your products and your vision. Your project may be a small display, or creating a unique identity for your business.


Whatever the size of the project, we are committed to achieving these kinds of results. 


You will learn the key to developing merchandising that gets results. When you know what makes merchandising successful, you have a formula for success that works over and over. Understanding where to place merchandise in your store makes the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for your customers. You'll gain an understanding of consumer behavior, and how it impacts your business. Once you understand what makes customers tick, you are in a better position to give them what they want. Imagine customers that are attracted to your store, love your products, keep returning to your store, and bring their friends.


You will be able to make informed decisions about store layout, fixtures and displays. You'll gain an understanding of the purpose or role of each part of your store. When you understand how your retail space should function and how customers shop, planning your store layout and design becomes easier.


You will have visual renderings to express your concept and communicate your vision to your team. Merchandising and display renderings help you plan and work out details in advance. You can implement new projects or changes faster and more efficiently when all the players on your team can see what the outcome will be. Staff can implement visual merchandising plans that are consistent with the image of your store.


Our virtual Business

Fashion Wardrobe has also a Virtual Business with the ability to provide services to clients all over the country (and world) by telephone, email and mail. I started this business in 2008 with a vision to help smaller, independent retailers be more successful in a competitive marketplace, regardless of their geographic location.



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